Nov 26

Brent Duke: Back from the Land of the Leprachauns

hey guys in know i have not been online or even posted in quiet some time, but i would like to keep you all up to date as life goes on so far,,, well. my twitter acount got a suprise a famous actor LIKED my tweet to hes page to my suprise, i was delighted he done so, not naming names but will in chat tomorow night, i will be online after 6pm irish time, thats g.m.t y dog duke got fixed two months ago, since then he is piling on weihgt, which i am loosing the battle to keep it off,, he is sleeping way to much for my liking. trying to keep him out and keep him fit is a battle,, all he wants to do is sleep and and sleep i know i havent been on and when i say i am coming online i dont show, this time i will be online for 4 hours tomorow night in a hope to see you all and have some great cats and some fun,untill thenhuggs kisses

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Nov 23

Keith Hardy: First Couple Weeks on Cam

Hey all, just wanted to mention my first couple weeks on web cam. This is something I have always had an interest in doing and finally a good friend pushed me into it! The experiences have been AWESOME so far, and I met some great people on here. I still have some things to learn and have learned somethings along the way. I enjoy sex and interacting with other people that desire the same and who just like to sometimes talk. I find myself looking to forward to getting on cam so I can flirt with you all! If you have any suggestions please let me know!!!

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Nov 23

Chris Rowe: What I Love

My english is a little bad , so good luck.First of all , i love the life , very very much , i think to much and that is not a good think i guess. Second think , i love me , not everyday , but.. it’s ok , i try to do the best. In the main , i love what’s beautiful , a lovely gentlman or a crazy lover , or a big but girl when i;m drunk. Oh , yeah , i love to drink , i forgot , drinks , music , good people , something special to smoke , all inclusive for me , i like to spend my time in the middle of a party i must say. Anyway , i i like to spend my money with thinks that make me happy , i think it’s something good , i don’t know. Well , so i like to party , i like the gentlmans and the big but girls , and i love to relax , i forgot that special think. Commonly , i like to have a full day , i’m away from bored thinks.So , that’s it with what i like. I hope you will join me soon to have a great time with Mr. Party , and to tell me what you like , i love to talk about that subject.Finally i finish that , hope you like what i read , if you don’t let me know and i will delete this.Thank you all for your attention and sorry again for my bad english.See you , i must go to a party , bye !

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